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Version: 6.1.x

Bot Versions

We currently have three seperate Versions of the Bot running:


This is the Main Instance of the Bot. It is running the latest stable Version of our Code and will be restarted only on failures / outages or when we update our Code. Note that this Documentation is always for the latest Version of the Bot. There may be some Pages that will have an information, that this features may only be available in our Canary Version.

Invite the Bot:

Utilbot Canary

If you're living on the Edge and you always want to be on the latest state, this version may the best choice for you. This is our public beta version of the bot, where we test new features or breaking changes on our end. Be aware, that this bot is more likely to restart often and may have some problems executing Commands. You should report any Bugs on this Bot in our Discord Server. We maintain our own version of discord.js here for this bot to test new features from pull requests.

Invite the Canary Bot:

Utilbot Internal

This is our internal bot instance we use for private testing and debugging purposes. You may only see this bot in our support server, or on servers which are used by the developers to test new things.