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Version: 🚧 Canary 🚧


Guild Features

MUSIC1 << 0 0x1 1Guild can use the Music Commands
POLLS1 << 1 0x2 2Guild can create Polls
RANKS_LEADERBOARDS1 << 2 0x4 4Guild Users can earn XP and get different Levels
GIVEAWAYS1 << 3 0x8 8Guild can create Giveaways
PRIVATE_CHANNEL_CREATOR1 << 4 0x10 16Guild can use the Private Channel Creator
RULE_EMBEDS1 << 5 0x20 32Guild can use Embeds with the Rule Feature
ROLE_REACT1 << 6 0x40 64Guild can add specific buttons, to get specific Roles
MESSAGE_TIMER1 << 7 0x80 128Guild can use automated Messages
WELCOME_MEMBERS1 << 8 0x100 256Guild can activate the Welcome Feature for Members
MUSIC_QUIZ1 << 10 0x400 1024Guild can use the Music Quiz (Discontinued)
CUSTOM_COMMANDS1 << 11 0x800 2048Guild can create Custom Message-Based Commands (and soon slash commands)
MESSAGE_FILTER1 << 12 0x1000 4096Guild can use the automated Message Filter
SOURCE_YOUTUBE1 << 14 0x4000 16384Guild can use YouTube as Music Source